As we know, the offseason can be challenging but what better way to lure people here than with CHOCOLATE? This idea sprung from a group of local merchants and is being supported by Chocolate Springs, Studio Two and the Berkshire Visitors Bureau as a way to boost visitors in the offseason. Specifically to extend the bump from Valentine’s/President’s Weekend throughout the whole month of February to a broad demographic target.

This is a collaborative, voluntary promotion so there will be no charge to participate! Please consider what your venue can uniquely do to tiein with this chocolate theme. Here are some ideas but please feel free to develop your own idea the more creative the better:

  • Film chocolate themed movies for adults and kids (i.e. Chocolat, Willy Wonka) and/or chocolate themed drinks/snacks
  • Shops chocolate colored clothing / accessories / sculptures / snacks
  • Lodging chocolates for snacks, incorporated into breakfast, etc.
  • Restaurants/bars chocolate dishes, desserts and/or drinks
  • Theatres – special chocolate refreshments
  • Outdoor/adventure lots of fun chocolate ideas here (prizes, hot chocolate, etc.)
Print Your Chocolate Berkshires Participant Poster


Q. Where will people go to find a list of all participants?

A.Studio Two has generously built this web site as well as a Facebook page. A list of all the chocolate promotions/events can be found on the event page here.

Q. Are there any restrictions as to what I can do?

A. There really aren’t any restrictions, as this is a collaborative, voluntary effort. Be sure to submit your event here.